The Booking Office, St Pancras International, LondonOn the

At the Rio Olympics, the 12 member shooting team was off target. The World Shooting Championship at Changwon in August, 2018, will be the first competition to offer quota places for Tokyo. Rana feels it will reflect the preparations. She suffers with lung disease (chILD) and is the only child in the UK with a particular rare form which has no cure.Despite the burden of being hooked up around the clock to oxygen, which she pulls along in a pink trolley she goes, seven year old Harper lives life to the full.She still loves to play with her friends and go to dancing replica hermes and singing classes.Parents Jodie and John endured eight weeks of watching Harper become more and more sick, as medics repeatedly misdiagnosed her as having a virus.Jodie, of Balloch, Dunbartonshire, said: “Her condition is so rare that little is known about it. She will have to carry oxygen around in a wee for the rest of her life.”Her illness means she suffers from lots of medical problems and has countless trips to hospital.”It never breaks her spirit. No matter what’s thrown at Harper, she always comes out fighting.Daily Record Utilita Our Heroes Awards 2018: Little Heroes get VIP treatment for awards”She started to get flu like and we took her to the doctor but they said it was probably a viral infection.”Harper’s condition continued to deteriorate and she refused to eat or drink, losing 10lb in weight.Tests confirmed that she had silent pneumonia and she was eventually with chILD after spending several weeks in hospital.ChILD is the name given to a group of rare lung diseases that cause a lack of oxygen in the blood.

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